Tuscan manor and small country house in a beautiful location

Basic information:
Property ID: CT-J916
IT-58043 Vetulonia
Price: 620.000 €
Living space: 230 sq. m.
Plot size: 10.000 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 9

Part of a fortified manorial country estate from the year 1100 with private garden and swimming pool

Basic information:
Property ID: CT-M819-2
IT-58023 Gavorrano
Price: 760.000 €
Living space: 195 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 8

Landhaus mit Panorama und Land

Basic information:
Property ID: S462
IT-58036 Sticciano
Price: 485.000 €
Living space: 150 sq. m.
Plot size: 30.000 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 4

Beautiful antique farmhouse in the countryside

Basic information:
Property ID: CTV-J 0618
IT-58042 Campagnatico
Price: 750.000 €
Living space: 320 sq. m.
Plot size: 330.000 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 9

Historical restored monastery, unique agriturismo

Basic information:
Property ID: S0017
IT-58024 Massa Marittima
Price: 895.000 €
Living space: 420 sq. m.
Plot size: 20.000 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 20

Wonderful historical palazzo with garden and lookout tower

Basic information:
Property ID: CT-MJ421
IT-58023 Giuncarico
Area: City center
Price: 500.000 €
Living space: 450 sq. m.
Plot size: 250 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 15


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