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Grosseto: Villa in the countryside near Grosseto

№ объекта: CT-V620
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Основные параметры
IT-58100 Grosseto
890.000 €
Жилая площадь:
210 кв.м
Земельный участок ок.:
20.000 кв.м
Количество комнат:
Другие данные
Другие данные
Тип дома:
Количество этажей:
Полезная площадь:
140 кв.м
Количество спальных комнат:
Количество ванных комнат:
Пристройка для квартиранта :
с полностью подвальным помещением
Пригоден в качестве дома для проведения отпуска:
Количество мест автостоянки:
Качество отделки:
Имеющиюйся в распоряжении с:
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Подробное описание
Подробное описание
Описание объекта:
Villa in the countryside near Grosseto
The villa lies on a little hill and offers a beautiful view. The estate accommodates a spacious apartment (circa 140 smq), a smaller apartment (circa 70 smq) and a cellar/tavern (circa 70sqm).
The main apartment (circa 140 smq) is composed as follows:
A spacious living/dining room with open fireplace (thermo stove) with access to the garden, the covered terraces, a living kitchen with a box room, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The villa disposes of autonomous heating (GPL).
The smaller apartment (70sqm) in the souterrain offers 2 bedrooms an open kitchen and living room and a bathroom.
The tavern is about circa 70sqm.

Price o.n.o.
Оборудование / принадлежности:
In front of the house there is a carport for 4 vehicles.
Around the house there are 2 hectares of land with an olive grove (circa 300 trees) and 1000m of vineyard (Morellino di Scansano). There is a well on the property, which allowed to install a well working irrigation system for the lawn and also for the olive grove.
2 wooden garden sheds and a corrugated-iron hut (circa 70sqm) belong also to the property.
Месторасположение дома / Земельный участок:
The estate is near Grosseto (12km southern) and not far from the seaside, but in a calm and relaxed position in the mid of untouched nature.
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