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Tatti: Country Estate with 2 houses, 11 hectare land and seaside panorama

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IT-58040 Tatti
1.100.000 €
Powierzchnia mieszkalna okolo:
550 m2
Dzialka okolo:
110.000 m2
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całkowicie podpiwniczony
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Tatti- Massa Marittima
Country Estate with 2 houses and 11 hectare land and seaside panorama. The property is in Tatti, a typical medieval Tuscan village. From the country estate you can enjoy a fantastic view upon hills, valleys, other medieval places and the seaside.
The first building is about 300m2 and has been built in the 15th century. A noble family from Siena ordered the construction. On the ground floor there are still the antique stables in the typical Tuscan manner and historical cellars. On the first floor there is an independent apartment, as also on the second and last floor. The second apartment offers 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room with open fire, a studio and a box room.
The second house is about 250 m2 and moreover there are some more buildings for restoration around the two houses (like ancient stables…).
Price: 1.100.000€
The land property is about 11 hectares and contains circa 300 olive trees and an own source.
The position offers really a spectacular panorama: the hills, the valleys, green forests and Mediterranean macchia, historical villages and castles and the seaside. You can see the Isle of Elba, the Isle of Giglio and the Monte Argentario. On good days you can spot also Corsica.
In a calm location but surely not isolated, the property lies at the beginning of the medieval village Tatti, which offers not only the typical historical Tuscan flair, but also a small supermarket, a restaurant a bar and a postal office.
Circa 30 from the seaside away
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Studio Casa Toscana
telefon: 00393394285344

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